Timothy Adams Chocolate Workshop



Have you ever wanted to spend the day as a chocolatier?


Well, now you can live your fantasy at a Timothy Adams Chocolate Workshop. As you and your guests arrive, you’ll be offered a glass of Prosecco served in a classic champagne saucer — we also have sparkling chardonnay soda if you’re a non-drinker or under 21. Or let us know if you fancy something else from our beverage menu — we offer red and white wine, sipping chocolate, coffee and tea.


You’ll socialize before class while enjoying a sumptuous spread of tea sandwiches, local artisan cheeses, fruit, crackers and nuts. It’s generous enough to make a meal, but please do save room for dessert.


After everyone settles in, your workshop begins with a tasting of chocolates from around the world led by Timothy Woods, our master chocolatier. He’ll answer all your questions about the flavors, origins and how chocolate is made.


Now put on your apron — it’s time to make chocolate! Timothy will help you make three different bonbons from start to finish. You’re welcome to take your own creations home — if there’s anything left.

Reserve your own two-hour Chocolate Workshop today — they’re available during lunchtime, happy hour or dinnertime. 

3 guests or less
Saturday mornings at 11 AM
lunch is served.

4 up to 40 guests
You pick the time, lunch, dinner or
happy hour.

$75 per person + 9% sales tax and
15% gratuity.


All workshop reservations must be paid in full when you reserve. We offer a 100% refund as long as cancellations are received at least 24 hours in advance.


To reserve your Chocolate Workshop or find out more, please contact
Adams Holland
T 415 755-8923  or  adams@timothyadamschocolates.com